Recreation broke after spending $100,000

Screenshot of Diablo Immortals showing the Barbarian warrior of the business enterprise.

Screenshots: Blizzard / jtisallbusiness / Kotaku

Diablo Immortal‘S pay to win mechanics have been controversial since the game’s launch back in June. Now they also seem to have broken the game for at least one Youtuber, who is said to have spent over $100,000 enhancing his Barbarian character. The player’s win rate seems to be so good that the game won’t even compare him to other players, reducing his competitiveness in the latest Rite of Exile endgame event.

Last weekend, Diablo Immortal Youtuber jtisallbusiness Viewers asked if he tries to refund $100,000 to his account due to the problem. He claims that he spent so much money soon after the game was released that he was able to easily overpower almost any opponent in the game’s PVP Battlegrounds mode. As a result, he has hundreds of wins and only a few losses, sending his MMR (matching rating) so high that it’s impossible to line up with anyone else.

“I would say it could happen all around, about 48 to 72 hours somewhere in the span of just trying to line up for a Battleground and never being able to get one,” he said.

Jtisallbusiness has contacted Blizzard regarding this matter almost a month ago, and said he was finally told the issue would be resolved in a few weeks. Now, however, his OneTimes clan is competing in the Rite of Exile to defend the title of Immortal against other players as part of the Diablo Immortals Complicated end game. The only problem is that Jtisallbusiness cannot join them. Part of the quest required participation in a standard Battlegrounds PVP, but because of his matchmaking confusion, he was unable to qualify.

“So I’m basically stuck as the clan leader of the Immortals, unable to line up for us to join the Rite of Exile,” he said. “I can’t do anything about it.” Adding to his frustration was the fact that he was trying to make money Diablo Immortal as a streamer and content producer, an endeavor that currently seems to be hampered by his early spend (other videos are devoted to showing off his collection).

For many other players in the community, though, it was a chef’s kiss moment for everything they hated about the game’s monetization. “Congratulations, you just ‘winned’ a p2w game,” reads one of the top comments on his YouTube video discussing the issue. “Can’t complain about it, you got what you paid for.” Others shared similar sentiments and the video itself was down-voted thousands of times.

Players on Reddit, where links to it go around, are not moved. “I know it’s his money and people can do whatever they want with theirs but damn it. 100k?! Above Diablo Immortal?! ” wrote a person. “When someone Diablo a character worth almost my entire mortgage,” another wrote.

Blizzard and jtisallbusiness did not immediately respond to requests for comment. It remains unclear how the situation will affect the rest of his clan, including players he says have once poured thousands of dollars of their own into the game. Upon completion of the Exile Rite, the top 30 challengers will be pitted against a single Immortal transformed into a raid boss. One thing seems certain: It won’t be Jtisallbusiness.

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