Sainz wins Wild British GP

The race requires a restart after a very large first corner collision for Zhou Guanyu‘S Alfa Romeooverturned and hit a catch fence, and climate change protesters entered the track.

Sainz led until Red Bull’s Max Verstappen overtake him, but Verstappen then damaged the hull and returned to command.

Sainz ceded his spot to teammate Leclerc, who was in the lead when a safety vehicle was required to retrieve a stuck Alpine.

In a wild reboot, Sainz overtook Leclerc for the win, with Red Bull’s Sergio Perez increment second, first Lewis Hamilton‘S Mercedes after some amazingly close races. Leclerc dropped to 4th due to a tire disadvantage to those around.

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How does the British Grand Prix go?

Verstappen started on the bar and took the lead over Sainz, with Hamilton coming in third from fifth, shoving Leclerc widely in Round 3, but the red flag was almost immediately claimed.

Zhou’s Alfa Romeo flipped on approach to Turn 1 and slammed into the fences and caught the fence after a long, reverse slide through the gravel trap.

Shunt is activated when Pierre Gasly‘S AlphaTauri pinched between Zhou and George Russell (Mercedes), the latter turned on Zhou’s right rear tire and sent him flying. Russell got out of the car and rushed to help Zhou, whose car was already tucked between Armco and the debris fence.

Also participating is Alex Albon (Williams) who was cut from behind by Sebastian VettelAston Martin’s and crashes into a pit wall before his spinning car is collected by Stephen Ocon (Alpine) and Yuki Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri). Together, the two crawled back into the pit with their wounds, while Albon and Zhou went to the medical center to get checked out.

As well as the crash, a group of climate change protesters entered the track on the Wellington Straight.

The race started again in the original order, because the first attempt was paused too quickly. This time, Verstappen was on vehicles like Sainz.

Sainz only continued to maintain his lead through the opening corners, while Verstappen suffered strong attacks from Leclerc and Perez, who then suffered damage on the front flank against Sainz as the leaders Directed quickly ran four wide at The Loop. Leclerc also suffered damage to the wing when he charged inside Perez.

Sainz was initially out of Verstappen’s DRS range at the front, with Leclerc in third place ahead of Perez, Norris and Hamilton. Perez decided to look for a new tip, while Hamilton overcame Norris to finish fourth at Brooklands into Round 6.

Verstappen fouled Sainz’s range DRS by Lap 9, and Sainz relinquished the lead when he ran wide across the lawn at Becketts a lap later. Meanwhile, Tsunoda lunges at his teammate Gasly at the Village, knocking both AlphaTauris out of points and earning himself a penalty.

Verstappen then slowed down and believed he had conceded, allowing Sainz to return to the front for a Ferrari 1-2 on December 12, and the world champion is back in sixth place, behind Norris and Alonso. Verstappen reports that his car is still “100% broken” – but was told it was the bodywork that was damaged, due to debris he ran over, rather than a suspension issue that caused it. he has to pay the rear force.

Leclerc is begging Ferrari to swap positions for Sainz, as Hamilton is catching both. Fearing an attempt to undercut from Hamilton, Sainz entered the 21st round, returning to third place.

Hamilton then made it into Leclerc’s DRS range, pitting Ferrari against Leclerc in Round 26 and he was again 2s behind Sainz in third.

Hamilton led to the delight of his home audience, when Leclerc was informed that he was allowed to take on Sainz for second place. Ferrari changed cars into Round 31 with no objection from Sainz as he was unable to reach the requested target run time.

Hamilton pitted in lap 34, rejoining in third – 3 seconds ahead of Sainz after a slow stop. Perez rose to fourth, ahead of Norris and Alonso.

Ocon crossed the Verstappen bridge in Round 37 but was forced out three laps later, causing a safety car. Sainz, Hamilton and Perez pitted but Leclerc still didn’t try.

The race is decided with 10 crazy laps to the finish line. Sainz took the lead from Leclerc at Aintree, with Perez overtaking Hamilton for third in the same spot shortly after.

With Sainz taking the lead, taking the lead by four seconds, Hamilton re-attacked Perez as he was trailed behind Leclerc.

Hamilton overtook Leclerc and Perez in a move to Club, but Perez overtook him in The Loop, taking Leclerc with him.

Hamilton overtook Leclerc in the outer ring of Luffield in Round 48 but Leclerc overtook him at Copse with a beautiful brave move. Hamilton finally made his third club transition into the Stowe using the DRS.

Sainz took the win over Perez, Hamilton (who took extra points for the fastest lap), Leclerc, Alonso and Norris.

Verstappen fought hard with Mick SchumacherHaas in the closing stages but clinging to Saturday.

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