Sony PS5 characteristic is about to retire Nearly nobody is aware of

PlayStation 5 floating in the air.

Screenshots: Sony / YouTube / Kotaku

Sony updated Important notice page today to tell PlayStation 5 users that the console’s Accolades feature, as of this fall, is “no longer supported”, citing that it “did not see the level of usage we anticipated” .” Like most PS5 users, this is the first time I’ve heard that this console has a built-in multiplayer feedback system.

Accolades is a Features on PlayStation 5 allows players to praise other players for their performance in multiplayer matches. After completing a match, players can send anonymous badges to others they want to recognize for things like “helpful”, “welcome” or “good sport”. However, you cannot spam them or artificially inflate your friends’ virtual rewards collection because you are prevented from sending compliments to your friends or to anyone you have complimented in the past. past 12 hours.

The infographic on the PlayStation 5 explains the various compliments.

Picture: Sony

Despite plans to discontinue the feature, Sony “[encourages] community to continue sending positive messages to each other. There’s a great joke here about gamers not liking complimenting each other in multiplayer games, but there’s a better explanation for why compliments are used so sparingly. : Not many people know about it. It’s not a feature that Sony advertised so well and a lot of multiplayer games like Overwatch and Final Fantasy XIV There are already reward systems in place. And even though the recent panel maker penetrate the enhancement of PlayStation’s online gaming services and capabilities, PlayStation 5 is not currently the platform I associate with a satisfying online experience. If I want to raid FFXIVthat’s what my gaming PC is for.

But don’t worry, PlayStation owners: You’ll get a lot PlayStation 5’s new social features Early. Just last Thursday, Sony announced that it was opening a beta mode to test screen sharing, in-game notifications, and the ability to send stickers and voice messages. Some of them even sound pretty neat. I hope that they are implemented in a way that allows me to remember that they exist.

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