SoulCycle will get trolled for giving free lessons to used Pelotons

A war between two fitness brands and their loyalists is raging out of control.

Both Peloton and SoulCycle are doing whatever it takes to get toned butts back in the chair as the turnaround pioneers struggle financially, in a shocking shock from the peak popularity of the game. epidemic.

Earlier this year, Peloton saw the number of riders plummeted and inventory piled upExpensive bicycles and treadmills are getting harder and harder to sell as demand for home exercise dries up.

Lots of people who used to love Wall Street equipment cost reduction to increase sales, lay off 20% of the workforce and started going back to new cheaper, live classes at their traditional studios, convene pop star Lizzo to surprise the racers during a press preview before New York City reopens on August 19.

Melissa Ferrara at home on her Peloton bike.
Earlier this year, Peloton saw ridership plummet and inventories piled up, though “ride or die” advocates like Melissa Ferrara, pictured here, aren’t slowing down at all.
Stephen Yang
SoulCycle is bribing Peloton riders to exchange bikes for free classes.
SoulCycle is bribing Peloton riders to exchange bikes for free classes.

Meanwhile, SoulCycle is struggling with its own problems behind the once trendy studio closed all its locations during the early days of the pandemic and launched his own home bike to keep up with Peloton.

Reviews were mostly positive, but that didn’t stop the company from posting a record for the biggest drop in sales of the year – nearly 30%, according to the figures. reported by Vox in February 2020 and disputed by the company – at a time when Peloton is having huge momentum.

It was also inevitable that the company was fired due to allegations of racism, shaming, and sexual orientation with clients. as a 2020 report is revealed. (“When we receive complaints or allegations regarding conduct in our community that is inconsistent with our values, we take them very seriously and both investigate and resolve them,” the company said at the time.)

Fast forward now, and a nearly beaten SoulCycle is giving away classes – new member special offer worth $99 for two weeks of unlimited travel, while its website touts discounts 20% more at the spinning chain, where the discount is unprecedented.

If that doesn’t sound like a company with nothing to lose, the latest salvo shows that SoulCycle will quickly go after competitors’ customers. A controversial new “F — k it, Let’s Ride Together!” campaign to bribe home enthusiasts who bought their Peloton bikes with dozens of free live SoulCycle classes.

Between now and Wednesday, the first 100 people to give up on Peloton bikes, live within 20 miles of the SoulCycle studio and can prove they haven’t taken a studio class since the course began will be Get 47 free studio classes at any of SoulCycle’s 83 locations nationwide. The New York City-based company even offers free Peloton bikes.

Melissa Ferrara, a corporate event planner and avid Peloton fan, runs the instagram account @momsofpeloton, which recently participated in the SoulCycle campaign to convert Pelton users by business free classes for their bikes.
Ferrara, the creator of the Instagram account @MomsofPeloton, was standing by her spinning bike as SoulCycle bribed people with free classes in exchange for used Peloton bikes.
Stephen Yang

“We died to see you back with your package,” said the company, which charges $38 per class on its website. (SoulCycle and Peloton did not immediately return requests for comment.)

But much Peloton Fans say they are determined to sit and spin.

“My initial reaction was, “This is an aggressive and reckless marketing campaign,” said Melissa Ferrara, an event planner in Weehawken, NJ and the creator of the Moms of Peloton Instagram account. know 80,000 followers and not affiliated with the company. Ferrara has been a racer since 2019 and says she’ll never give up her beloved bike – or her favorite Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby.

Ferrara is at home on her Peloton bike.
Ferrara is on the Peloton team and says SoulCycle’s campaign is to “give Regina George a lot of work at a car dealership. [vibes]”, Ferrara said in a video to her followers, referring to Rachel McAdams’ “Mean Girls” character.
Stephen Yang

So when SoulCycle threw down the gauntlet, she muted.

“This gave Regina George a lot of work at a car dealership [vibes]”, Ferrara said in a video to her followers, referring to Rachel McAdams’ “Mean Girls” character.

“There is no way true Lovers would give up their bikes. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s more than just a bike, it’s about community and inclusion. It feels like betrayal,” Ferrara told The Post.

Robin Rashbaum, 54, a Long Island-based life insurance brokerage director who has been a Peloton member since 2015, agrees.

Rashbaum, who rides his Peloton bike at least once a day and can’t imagine walking into the studio so often.

“My device is not a coat hanger,” she says. “There are no free SoulCycle classes that would make me trade for my bike.”

Riders say Peloton instructors are like popstars and keep riders like Ferrara engaged, despite slumping sales.
Riders say Peloton instructors are like popstars and keep riders like Ferrara engaged, despite slumping sales.
Zandy Mangold

But not everyone is so loyal – especially if it means getting back some of the extra space in their apartment that has now been lost to their Peloton.

Austin driver Sarah Barnes, 27, begged SoulCycle on Instagram to get the Peloton bike she bought in 2020.

“At this point, it takes up too much room in my one-bedroom apartment,” Barnes told The Post, adding that she has yet to hear back from the company.

Like so many others, Barnes bought his bike in the early stages of the pandemic and got away with it a lot. Now, she’s not sure it deserves a place of pride in her home.

When asked what she would replace it with, Barnes’ answer was simple.

“A chair,” she said.

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