Stranger Issues 4 simply grew to become the second Netflix present to hit 1 billion hours watched

Stranger Things 4the most recent season of the hit show, just became the second Netflix show ever over a billion hours watched. Since the season’s first season aired on May 27, viewers have spent a cumulative 1.15 billion hours watching the season’s nine episodes, including 301 million hours over the weekend alone. It makes Stranger Things 4 second most watched Netflix episode ever, after Squid game in 2021. It’s in the Netflix Top 10 in 93 different countries this weekend, the company said. The show is so popular right now that it’s also promoting older seasons: all four Strange things seasons from Netflix’s six most-watched shows of the weekend, for just Oh Academy can keep up.

By Netflix measure viewership The system is notoriously weird and confusing. The service tracks how much a show is watched in the first 28 days after its release, but those numbers vary widely based on how episodes are released, their length, and a host of other factors. .

Stranger Things 4 has risen to the top of Netflix’s most-watched list of all time – but only for English shows.
Image: Netflix

If anything, you could argue that Strange things‘success only emphasizes the magnitude Squid game actually: Stranger Things 4 many hours longer Squid game and has a months-long marketing strategy behind it, and Squid game still beat it with 1.65 billion hours watched. Strange things it’s still possible to catch it, though; Netflix’s numbers will no longer count the first episode, but the two most recent episodes still have a few weeks to choose when to watch. Those episodes are also long – like a series – which gives the show a better shot at the top of the table. (As I said, the measurement is confusing.)

So you shouldn’t read too much into the specifics other than to say confidently that the current season of Strange things very famous. It’s also very good, and will give a great conclusion to next season. And that’s the kind of enduring franchise that Netflix has worked hard to build in recent years, so you should expect the company to continue pulling out all the stops to keep people interested in what’s going on. out in Hawkins, Indiana.

So you can only assume that Stranger Things 5 will be huge.

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