Subway is giving up on customized sandwiches for a less complicated menu

Subway is launching a new Subway Line menu as a major departure from the historic “make your own” business model.

The new menu includes a list of 12 types of bread that customers can order, which is standard at most restaurants but is a big change for Subway. They are divided into 4 groups: Italianos, chicken, club and cheese.

The sandwich chain has become popular for its custom sandwiches made by workers right in front of customers, who can indicate exactly what ingredients they want. “Customers walk into a subway with the expectation that they’ll customize their sandwich… That’s the foundation on which Subway has been built and how it’s been for 60 years,” Subway said in a statement. Press release announcing the new menu.

Now, Subway is repositioning its menu to resemble other quick-service restaurants, asking customers to “trust their culinary expertise and trust the sandwich artisans to create a delicious cake.” sandwich. Subway believes customers will enjoy,” the chain said.

The new loaf was available on Tuesday, though customers can still substitute or create their own.

There are a few potential reasons for the new menu. A standardized menu with less focus on customization has the potential to make operations faster for workers by reducing complexity. Tests showed that the new menu “accelerated operations” and resulted in fewer inquiries from customers, Subway North America president Trevor Haynes told Insider at a press event.

Kalinowski Equity Associates president Mark Kalinowski told Insider. Subway has relatively low unit sales compared to competitors like McDonald’s and Wendy’s, so a simplified menu can speed up queues and potentially lead to more sales. ‘s subway 2021 refresh menu Sales skyrocketed after a downtrend and shows some hope for the series, so another more ambitious swing could hold promise.

Creating menus with pre-selected options can also motivate customers who want to customize orders to digital orders. Kalinowski noted that digital orders continue to increase throughout the industry, and that the format is “great for customisation.” Digital sales are attractive to businesses thanks to better margins, faster preparation and lower dining room maintenance costs, as customers often take food away.

Subway embraces full customization start a trend of fast food takeover, became huge with the rise of Chipotle and appeared across the industry, from Sweetgreen to Cava. Chipotle in particular has become famous follow a similar assembly line pattern where customers can point to ingredients and watch them become part of a bowl or burrito. Now, it’s embracing the opposite trend in the industry: oversimplification, says Kalinowski.

Kalinowski told Insider it’s a “smart move” that could lead to a better customer experience and improved sales. Results in the coming quarters will show if it will be enough to reverse Subway’s trend of Close the store and lose the franchisee.

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