Supply – St. Louis Cardinals Finalize Deal for Pittsburgh Pirates Jose Quintana

In dire need of a starting pitcher, St. Louis Cardinals is closing a deal to get left-handed Jose Quintana from the Pittsburgh Pirates, sources familiar with the deal told ESPN on Monday night.

Quintana, 33, played around and fought ineffectively the previous two seasons before finding his footing with Pittsburgh this year. Always dependent on command and control, Quintana looked like one of his top pitchers, throwing 103 innings of 3.50 ERA baseball with 89 shots and 31 walks.

Pittsburgh signed Quintana for $2 million for the season, one of the winter’s best deals. It will take him to a division whose pitching depth has dealt significant hits with recent injuries to its most talented starter, Jack Flaherty (shoulder), and its free agent signing during its big holiday season, Steven Matz (knee).

The Cardinals asked through a lot of beginners but landed in Quintana to join with Adam Wainwright, Miles Mikolas, Dakota Hudson and Andre Pallante in hopes of catching up with the first-rate Milwaukee Brewers, who had previously traded their All-Star closer, Josh Haderto the San Diego Padres.

Pittsburgh will receive an offer and a prospect of success in the deal, which could also include another player moving to St. Louis, according to a source. And while the Cardinals may be targeting another start before Tuesday’s 6 p.m. trading deadline, their main focus is the deadline lover, the Washington quarterback. John Sotowho can be traded with the Cardinals, San Diego Padres or Los Angeles Dodgers – or stay with the Country.

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