Supreme Court docket orders Maryland officers to cease protests exterior judges’ properties

The Supreme Court has ordered Maryland officials, including Republican Governor Larry Hogan, to enforce state and county laws banning private home picnic photos after protests began outside the home. of Supreme Court Justices last month, NBC News reported.

Big picture: The protests started after draft decision on abortion of the Supreme Court was leaked in May and has continued since the court overturned Roe v. Wade last month.

  • At the time, Hogan said he was “deeply concerned” that hundreds of people were picnicking outside the homes of several judges, according to NBC.

What are they saying: According to NBC News, Supreme Court police chief Gail Curley said home protests and intimidation activities at the homes of judges had increased in a letter to Hogan and a letter to Marc Elrich. , executive director of Montgomery County.

  • According to Curley, 75 protesters “loudly picked up trash at one justice’s home in Maryland for 20-30 minutes in the evening, then continued to pick up trash at another justice’s home for 30 minutes, where the crowd gathered increases to 100, and eventually goes back to the first justice house. go home to hoe for another 20 minutes. ”
  • Maryland law prohibits gatherings “with another person in a way that disrupts a person’s right to be quiet in that person’s home,” she added.
  • “This is exactly the kind of behavior that Maryland and Montgomery County laws prohibit,” Curley wrote.

Recall: Nicholas John Roske was charged with attempted murder after he allegedly told detectives he had traveled from California to Maryland with the intention of killing Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

  • Law enforcement officials found a black tactical vest and a tactical knife, a pistol with two magazines and ammunition, pepper spray, lanyard, a hammer, a pickaxe. screwdrivers, punch nails, crowbar, pistol, duct tape, and padded hiking boots on the outside of the base of Roske’s backpack.
  • Roske allegedly told detectives he was upset about the leak of a draft Supreme Court decision that would overturn the Roe v. Wade case and the Uvalde, Texas school shooting.

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