Abortion rights: Biden to signal second govt order geared toward defending entry and offering steerage to healthcare suppliers

Washington CNN – President Joe Biden will sign another executive order on Wednesday as part of his administration’s effort to help secure access to abortion following a Supreme Court decision earlier this summer to remove federal rights to abortion. with procedure. Biden is expected to sign the executive order during the inaugural meeting of the … Read more

Zakaria’s CNN calls Alito’s speech mocking international leaders ‘disgusting’, ‘scandalous’

CNN host Fareed Zakaria on Sunday criticized Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito for what he called a “disgusting” and “scandalous” speech last week critical of country leaders. outside disagrees with his judgment against Roe V. Wade. Zakaria told Jim Acosta on CNN that the justices of the Supreme Court should at least conduct themselves in … Read more

Josh Hawley was charged with cross-cutting questions throughout a heated trade with a regulation professor

Washington CNN – Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri was accused by a law professor of participating in a crosstalk line during a hearing Tuesday on the legal consequences of the Supreme Court overturning the case. the Roe and Wade project. Follow Judgment of the Supreme Court last monthsome progressives have increasingly used the term … Read more

Newsom Is Operating Advertisements Attacking GOP In Florida: ‘Do not Let Them Take Your Freedom’

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) is playing a new ad in Florida targeting Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and GOP lawmakers in a new wave of legislation targeting LGBTQ rights, voting rights, the so-called is the “critical racial theory” and abortion. In a 30-second commercial that will begin airing on Fox News on Monday, Newsom, who … Read more