8 folks hospitalized after storms on American Airways flight

A spokesperson for Birmingham Airport told CBS News that eight people were hospitalized Wednesday after an American Airlines flight from Tampa, Florida, to Nashville, Tennessee, encountered severe turbulence and had to be diverted. Alabama. American Airlines said that despite “unexpected turbulence”, the plane landed safely in Birmingham at around 3:17pm local time. The airline said … Read more

Mom claims American Airways Lack of daughter, 12 years outdated, at Miami Worldwide Airport – NBC 6 South Florida

Monica Gilliam said she was scared and worried after learning her 12-year-old daughter had been left alone at Miami International Airport. On July 2, the Tennessee mother took her daughter Kimber on a flight from Chattanooga to Miami as an unaccompanied minor to visit her father. A flight attendant was supposed to escort the child … Read more

American Airways is paying pilots 3 times extra after scheduling issues left hundreds of flights with out pilots

CNN – American Airlines has agreed to pay its pilots three times their normal wages after a computer glitch in the schedule left thousands of flights with cockpits understaffed. Trouble in a scheduling program that takes place early Saturday morning and allows pilots to drop flights the airline is counting on them to fly for … Read more

Vacationers, airways put together for flight delays and cancellations on the weekend of July 4: “The aircraft was packed”

The holiday rush is underway – with nearly 48 million Americans taking to the streets or heading to airports over the weekend of July 4. However, flight cancellations are piling up once again, as airlines no United States struggle to serve their own customers. The TSA reports that more than 2 million people have passed … Read more