6 cheap methods to eat wholesome at dwelling

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Turkey bans manufacturing of ‘vegan cheese’

Turkish law has stipulated that the term ‘cheese’ cannot be used to describe dairy-free alternatives, for fear of misleading consumers. Now, the government has gone a step further by banning the production of vegan cheese alternatives. In the February 19 edition of the Turkish Gazette (TC Resmî Gazete), the government stated that “Products that give … Read more

Printed definition of ‘wholesome’ and draft plant-based milk pointers imminent

The FDA, which previously announced its intention to release draft guidelines on the labeling of plant-based milk by the end of June, told us:The FDA intends to release a draft guideline titled ‘Labeling of Plant-Based Milk Substances and Voluntary Nutrient Claims: Draft Guidelines for the Industry’ in the future. near the. Draft Guidelines are currently … Read more