Browns QB Watson suspended for six video games, NFL weighs attraction

Cleveland Browns winger Deshaun Watson was given a six-game suspension Monday after being accused by two dozen women in Texas of sexual misconduct during a massage treatment, in which a staff member The law states that the conduct is “more serious than any conduct prior to the NFL’s review”. The punishment was handed down by … Read more

Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson suspended for six video games for violating NFL’s private conduct coverage

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson A source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter will receive a six-game ban for violating the league’s personal conduct policy following allegations of sexual misconduct. Watson will not be fined, the source told Schefter. A source told ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, Robinson’s 15-page comprehensive conclusion stated that although Watson violated the policy on … Read more

Sources say hedging in Cleveland Browns disciplinary case QB Deshaun Watson is predicted to happen on Monday

NFL disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson is expected to make a decision Monday on whether Cleveland Browns winger Deshaun Watson Sources confirmed to ESPN that there was a violation of the league’s personal conduct policy. In light of Robinson’s decision, the NFL Players Association released a statement Sunday night that the union and Watson “will … Read more

Cleveland Browns analysis QBs Josh Rosen, AJ McCarron; plans to start out Jacoby Brissett if Deshaun Watson is suspended

Cleveland Browns Are Looking For Veteran Midfielders Josh Rosen and AJ McCarronamong others, before the start of training camp, sources told ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler on Thursday. Browns, who face the possibility of starting Deshaun Watson may be suspended under the NFL’s individual conduct policy, is looking to enter training camp with four quarterbacks. Watson and … Read more