Anaheim Metropolis Council costs 2% tax on tickets to Disneyland, different main venues

ANAHEIM, Calif. (KABC) – Disneyland tickets may soon become more expensive. Anaheim City Council said it is considering asking voters to levy a 2% ticket tax on amusement parks and other large venues. Councilman Jose Moreno, who led the proposal, said the measure could raise up to $82 million a year for city services and … Read more

Hackers take over Disneyland’s Instagram with racist posts

Disneyland’s social media accounts were briefly hijacked by a self-proclaimed “super hacker” who made a series of bizarre, racist and homophobic posts while he was. claimed that he was seeking “revenge” at the Anaheim, California amusement park. The hacker, who said his name was “David Do,” took over the park’s Instagram and Facebook accounts early … Read more