5 steps to studying even the very best desktop RPG

Picture: Paizo / Monte Cook Games / Wizards Of The Coast / Paradox / Renegade Game Studios / Far Future Enterprises / R. Talsorian Games / Evil Hat / Catalyst Game Labs / Kotaku Tablet role-playing games can be intimidating. With a huge variety of rule topics that can mirror and far exceed the size … Read more

Sport time has little impact on short-term psychological well being: Research

The short-term mental health impact of playing video games is “probably too small” to be discernible, according to a large Oxford University study published Wednesday (July 27). . “Our study found little or no evidence of a link between gaming and health,” said Andrew K Przybylski, a researcher at the university’s Oxford Internet Institute. The … Read more

‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ creator Kazuki Takahashi discovered lifeless at sea in Japan

Kazuki Takahashi, author of “Yu-Gi-Oh!” The manga manga and trading card game, died, apparently while snorkeling in southwestern Japan, the coast guard said Friday. The body of Takahashi, 60, was found on Wednesday floating about 330 meters off the coast of Okinawa, by someone who ran a sea entertainment business, according to an official at … Read more

Battlefield Firm attacked for fraud on single participant video games

Picture: BioWare / Kotaku It’s been a while since Electronic Arts has been the villain of video games at the present time, but on Thursday, FIFA publishing company sucked up all the oxygen in the room thanks to a bad story made even worse by the company’s horror history. If there is a big corporation … Read more