Beyoncé Formally Dismisses Kelis’ Pattern Renaissance Album; Monica Lewinsky requires comparable motion in Music 2013

Beyoncé attends the premiere of Disney’s “The Lion King” at the Dolby Theater on July 9, 2019 in Hollywood, California.image: Kevin Winter (beautiful pictures) Updated as of April 8, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. TIME: Kelis responded to her hit song “Milkshake” being taken off Beyonce’s Renaissance album. Thanks to the fans who started commenting on … Read more

Breakable Health ‘Guidelines’

image: Atstock Productions (Shutterstock) I’ve learned a lot over the years in the gym, and for starters, I’ll be shocked and appalled by what I’ve accomplished in the process. With the benefit of experience, I now do the exercises I used to think that a person “never” should doand I broke quite a few other … Read more

Pokémon Followers Mistake Paldea Grusha’s New Gymnasium Chief for a Lady

Picture: Nintendo / Kotaku When the Pokémon Presents stream first introduced a new ice gym leader, many fans thought the trainer, Grusha, was a girl. But official documents eventually revealed that the leader of the Glaseado Gym was actually a man using the pronoun he/he. Some fans were startled to realize that their new Poké-crush … Read more

YouTuber builds a gaming PC out of a working rest room

A YouTuber built a PC from a working toilet, creating what could be the first toilet capable of both handling your waste and playing your game. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. What a world we live in! As discovered by Eurogamer, YouTuber Basically Homeless has cut a deal with electronics store Microcenter to create a gaming PC … Read more

10 issues each GTA On-line fan making an attempt out the brand new replace ought to do

Picture: Rockstar game With the new Grand Theft Auto Online Update released last week, the game just got easier after Rockstar added more ways to earn money that don’t involve tearing your hair and making nasty jokes. But a major update like this for an already huge game can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we … Read more

Joseph Quinn says Eddie Munson helped him get out of airport jail

Joseph Quinn image: Polk is rich (beautiful pictures) Although on Strange things Outcast Eddie Munson is the guy who is willing to face any crime (be it human or otherwise), turns out the actor who plays him can really get you outside Trouble. Joseph Quinn, the British actor who plays Eddie, revealed to Jimmy Fallon … Read more

Keke Palmer opposes tweet evaluating her and Zendaya

Actor Keke Palmerimage: JC Olivera (beautiful pictures) Keke Palmer is taking inspiration from her current lead role and saying “No” with a viral tweet in which she and Emmy Award-winning actor Zendaya were compared. Get attention on the social media site on Saturday, tweet went on to contrast and compare the mainstream successes of the … Read more

Star Trek Unusual New Worlds / Decrease deck Crossover introduced

Yes, Pike, I also seem worried.Picture: Paramount Star Trek’s doing some pretty daring steps in this current age of growth in shows, but it was just announced that it’s pulling one of its boldest, most exciting moves to date: Deck below working with Strange new world. Just announced at San Diego Comic-Con, in Strange new … Read more

What’s a ‘pig slaughter’ crypto rip-off?

image: JUSTIN TALLIS / AFP (beautiful pictures) Cryptocurrencies are rife with scams — we all know this to be true. Everyone has heard horror stories: “pull rug“”pump and pour“Typical Type”investment“The scam to drain your bank account. But there’s a new type of scam going on and it sounds pretty odd: it’s called ‘pig slaughter’ and … Read more

Existence Gymnasium in The Hyperlinks, Chatham, Turns into Health and Physiques in Rebranding

A female champion bodybuilder is advocating a new gym focused on being more accessible and tackling obesity. Frances Amies-Winter started using Fitness and Physique – formerly Lifestyles – in Chatham because she believes it’s an athlete’s responsibility to help others learn. The mother-of-two said: “A lot of other bodybuilders don’t go back to their local … Read more