The NFL is again! Preseason begins with Las Vegas Raiders blowing away driverless Jacksonville Jaguars

CNN – After nearly six long months, NFL has returned. 2022 seasons The preseason kicked off Thursday with the typical drag at the Hall of Fame game, heralding the start of another season filled with drama, excitement, and the highest skill level imaginable. And it was the perfect start to life at the new home … Read more

A number of casinos, complete Strip, underwater airport in storm

Airports, parking lots and the entire Las Vegas Strip, home to some of the world’s most famous casinos and hotels, were flooded on Thursday night. Heavy rain flooded countless buildings as the city was hit by flash floods and severe thunderstorm warning in place. The video shared on Twitter shows Sin City streets flooded with … Read more

Hoover Dam transformer explodes; nobody acquired damage

bodhisattva city, nev. (AP) – A transformer exploded Tuesday at the Hoover Dam, creating a thick plume of black smoke and the flames were quickly extinguished. Authorities said no one was injured and electricity continued to flow from one of the nation’s largest hydroelectric projects. According to Jacklynn L. Gould, regional director of the Federal … Read more

Jennifer Lopez modified her identify after marrying Ben Affleck

From J.Lo to J.Aff. Jennifer Lopez changed her name to Jennifer Affleck after her surprise wedding in Las Vegas with her current husband, Ben Affleck. The “Jenny From the Block” singer reintroduced herself with a new nickname Sunday in her “On JLo” newsletter, in which she initialed, “With love, Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck.” While it … Read more

Colorado secretary arrested in vote tampering case

DENVER (AP) – An arrest warrant was issued Thursday for an indicted Colorado secretary who became a hero to election conspiracy theorists after she allegedly walked out of state. state defied a court order not to do so, according to court documents. But an attorney for Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters asked the judge to … Read more