Indiana lawmakers vote to maintain exceptions to abortion ban

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – The deeply divided Indiana House of Representatives voted Thursday to keep exceptions in cases of rape or incest in a bill banning nearly all abortions. in the state. The Republican-dominated House of Representatives voted 61-39 to defeat an amendment that would have eliminated those exceptions, with a majority of GOP members wanting … Read more

Bipartisan compromise invoice would restore abortion rights

WASHINGTON (AP) – A bipartisan group of senators is pushing for compromise legislation to restore access to abortion following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, a long-running effort to bring a Senate majority to file an objection to the decision. While the bill is not expected to pass – and is not … Read more

Indiana Senate practically passes abortion ban

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Indiana senators narrowly passed a near-total abortion ban on Saturday in a rare weekend session, sending the bill to the House after a week of debate over whether to allow it. exceptions for rape and incest. The Republican-controlled Senate voted 26-20 after about three hours of debate, passing it with the minimum … Read more

Biden prepares for local weather government motion after Manchin sinks in legislative strategy

Washington CNN – The White House is preparing a plan to take executive action on climate after Democratic Senator Joe Manchin last week blows away his party’s attempt to wipe out the law. Last week, President Joe Biden said he would take “robust executive action” on climate, but did not provide details on what types … Read more

California blocks gun gross sales to individuals vulnerable to breaking the legislation

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California gun manufacturers and dealers will be required to block the sale of firearms to anyone they have “reasonable reason to believe there is a substantial risk” of illegal firearm use. law or harm yourself or others, according to a law Governor Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday that he has signed. That’s … Read more

NY OKs payments to ban weapons in Occasions Sq., requires social media data to get permission

Your name, date of birth and Twitter handle, please? The New York State Senate passed far-reaching legislation Friday afternoon will ban weapons from being stashed in so-called “sensitive locations” such as Times Square, public transit and other locations – and require permit applicants to use a bow provide the state with information about their social … Read more

New York invoice would require social media credentials for gun licenses

Your name, date of birth and Twitter handle, please? New York legislators are set to passed far-reaching legislation that would ban weapons from being stashed in so-called “sensitive locations” like Times Square, public transit and other locations – and require gun license applicants to provide give the state information about their social media accounts as … Read more