NYC employees wait in line for 90 minutes for Cava’s gourmand lunch

Midtown lunch rush is back. On a sweltering summer day in Midtown Manhattan, where no one was supposed to work anymore, a fashion crowd lined the sidewalk in front of Mediterranean fast food restaurant Cava. The Greek-inspired chain’s Broadway and 38th Street locations have been jokingly hailed as “the hardest club in Manhattan,” in a … Read more

The right way to make Daniel Amen’s favourite salad for mind well being

Why would Amen choose this over a sandwich or other high-carb meal? “I’ve found that eliminating all simple carbohydrates at lunch including sugar, white bread, or other white flour products like bagels and white pasta, potatoes, and rice can help. makes a significant difference in energy and focus in the afternoon,” Mr previously told mbg. … Read more