Joseph Quinn meets Metallica at Lollapalooza in Chicago

Iconic rock band Metallica has a new honorary member: “Stranger Things” actor Joseph Quinn. Metallica and Quinn, actors known for playing Eddie Munson in “Stranger Things”get to know each other and interject their generation-changing song backstage at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago on Friday. It was a meeting of the ages. Lead singer James … Read more

Watch Stranger Issues ‘Eddie Munson rehearse the Metallica scene

Man, legend, legendPicture: Netflix It may not have passed Kate Bushof the “Run up that hill“As the national anthem of Strange things season fourbut Eddie “Not a Hero” by Munson definitive hero guitar solo—A tactic to distract the cranky bats in the Upside Down — were made Metallica’s “Master of the Puppets” in second place. … Read more

Metallica duet scene TikTok to Stranger Issues Eddie Munson

Talk about some molten metal face! Metallica there was a harsh response to “Stranger Things” season 4 finaleand social media fans are loving it. On Friday, the heavy metal band – whose albums dominated the charts in the 1980s – gave “Stranger Things” fans something to bang their heads on TikTok. Metallica bandmates James Hetfield, … Read more