Now you can finish calls on iPhone utilizing Siri

image: Framesira (Shutterstock) With recent updates in iOS 15, on-device Siri is surprisingly consistent when it comes to tasks across devices like setting timers, alarms, reminders, and calling people. In fact, making calls is something Siri has always done well, and it works equally well for cell phones or FaceTime calls. Now, with a new … Read more

Google CEO urges workers to ‘simplify the dash’ worry of layoffs

image: Staff (beautiful pictures) Google CEO Sundar Pichai is said to have called on his employees to take on the “Simple Sprint” initiative to engage employees’ ideas around product development, improving efficiency. and “get better results faster”. The proposal was made after the recruitment freeze and a disturbing series of emails that have some Google … Read more

EA’s Horrible Meme Tweets Infuriate Many Builders, Enforcement Officers

Picture: EA / Kotaku Remember last week? It happened about 34 years ago, so if you don’t, I understand. But last Thursday, EA’s official Twitter account tweeted a bad joke about single player games that led to an internet buzz and eventually an apology from Battlefield publishing company. And apparently, EA is still dealing with … Read more