The NFL is again! Preseason begins with Las Vegas Raiders blowing away driverless Jacksonville Jaguars

CNN – After nearly six long months, NFL has returned. 2022 seasons The preseason kicked off Thursday with the typical drag at the Hall of Fame game, heralding the start of another season filled with drama, excitement, and the highest skill level imaginable. And it was the perfect start to life at the new home … Read more

Kyler Murray: Arizona Cardinals take away ‘impartial analysis’ clause from star QB contract as he calls work ethics questions ‘disrespectful’

CNN – The Arizona Cardinals announced on Thursday that they have removed the “independent research” clause from star defender Kyler Murray’s contract after he called questions about his work ethic a “disrespectful.” “After noticing the distraction it created, we removed the addendum from the contract,” said a statement from the group obtained by CNN. “It … Read more