South Africa – Lizelle Lee retires for concern of being disqualified, denied NOC for abroad tournaments attributable to poor health

Lizelle Lee admitted that she did not meet the CSA’s physical requirements and that is what led to she suddenly retired from international cricket. In an interview with the BBC’s Stumped podcast, Lee revealed that after she failed to complete aspects of a fitness test, she was in danger of being pulled from South Africa’s … Read more

Sam Northwest 410 – I used to be much more careworn within the 190s than within the 390s

Congratulations. Can you summarize how you are feeling right now? You may have had enough time for it to sink in the southbound driveway.Thank. I guess it’s something you’ve always strived for in your career but never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I’d end up with a 410 not going out and … Read more