Taron Egerton hopes he will get to play Wolverine within the MCU

Taron Egerton as Eggsy Unwin in Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Picture: 20th Century Studios

Since Fox got themselves snatch Disney and Kevin Feige made it clear that mutants will find their way to the MCU final, there’s no shortage of speculation about who will play the new X-Men series. More than Professor X or Magneto, Wolverine It’s something everyone has an opinion about. These days, we now know There’s nothing stopping Hugh Jackman from returning to the role (and the frankly absurd diet required to sustain it) that catapulted him to movie stardom. But there’s no shortage of people who want a newcomer to take the reins, and an actor who’s currently specifically fulfilling their wish. obviously instead of simply dancing around the object and hope become the last John Krasinski’d movie.

Specifically, it’s Taron Egerton’s Kingsman and Rocket Man reputation (or more importantly, Moomintroll) who wants to participate in comics work. He told the New York Times so; while promoting his upcoming Apple TV+ show black bird, Egerton admits he talked to Marvel Studios employees, including Kevin Feige, about getting into the superhero game.. While it’s something he hopes to capture, he also knows there are some big shoes to fill, regardless of who ends up playing the character. “I’m excited, but I’m also scared,” he speak. “Hugh is so attached to this role that I wonder if someone else can make it so hard.” Back in 2019, the actor talked about how fans wanted him to be in the role and were happy that they supported him.

Talking to Feige increases the chances of Egerton getting a part to play Wolverine just slightly, but it’s also possible that Feige and crew are thinking of someone else for him to play. Since Marvel has so much going on in different stages of production, we won’t really know what Egerton’s future holds until we do. Maybe he’ll become Wolverine, maybe he’ll be locked up for the Human Torch or Nova. (Perhaps he’ll be a good Cyclops?) Either way, it’s doubtful he won’t end up playing a superhero, since basically everyone is… the problem is who will that person be.

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