The actor who performed Vecna ​​in ‘Stranger Issues’ printed photographs of the villain’s victims and lower out their eyes to get into the character.

left: smiling bower jamie campbell on the red carpet wearing a light brown felt hat;  right: jamie campbell bower in complete fake makeup like varnish in aliens.

Jamie Campbell Bower plays Vecna ​​in “Stranger Things”.Steve Granitz/Getty Images; Netflix

  • Jamie Campbell Bower said he will print photos of Vecna’s victims to make characters.

  • The actor played the villain in “Stranger Things” and said he had to exploit Vecna’s “resentment”.

  • Warning: season one of “Stranger Things” season four, season one.

Jamie Campbell Bower, who played Vecna ​​in season four of “Stranger Things,” said he printed photos of all of the character’s victims for “gazing.”

Season two of “Stranger Things” season four premiered on Netflix on July 1, concluding the season.

The series, which is one of Netflix’s most popular, focuses on supernatural happenings in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s.

Vecna, a villain with psychic powers A killer from another dimension, is the latest thread from the Upside Down, a parallel dimension, to threaten the town.

Bower told People that aside sitting for hours putting on prosthetic legs To make him look like Vecna, he also did his own work to get into the villain’s universe.

“I will take pictures of each victim,” he told the publication. “I’ll print them out, my next victim, and I’ll cut out their eyes and stick them on my wall. And I’ll stare at them.”

During the season, Vecna ​​Targets Teens in HawkinsIndiana, who are grappling with their own personal trauma, stalk their fears and end up killing them.

In addition to printing the photo, Bower said that he will be isolating himself and performing repetitive exercises to exploit the “resentment” of the character.

“Preparation is to take it up and dig deeper, [which meant] Bower told People.

The actor said he would “clear his mind” and repeat some “repetitive” phrases over and over while preparing for the role.

Referring to Vecna’s “rage”, Bower said that “music is a big help. I’ve used it to reactivate that or just stay in an area, and I’ll sit in the shadow. dark.”

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