The subsequent Battlefield 2042 replace will give everybody a beard

Battlefield 2042

Picture: DICE

Beleaguered Multiplayer shooting game Battlefield 2042which wasn’t quite the success EA had hoped for, takes another step towards becoming a real video game this week with the release of its next update.

While the game was rightfully disparaged by fans (and non-fans), I’ve always had a soft spot for it, partly because of the things I like in one Battlefield the game has been there since launchbut also because of this game — developed in part during the worst months of the pandemic —obviously nowhere nearby done when publishers EA rushed it out the door.

Therefore, the DICE developers have basically had to spend months since launch… completing the game, adding things like scoreboards and extra user interfaces that in worse cases would only form part of the process normal development and Battlefield 2042 when released.

The Game’s Part One Update made a lot of players happy as it simply pulled the game a lot closer to what they expected October 2021and update 1.2 — coming tomorrow, August 2 — is even closer.

It introduces some bug fixes for the game’s weakest map (Kaleidoscope), which ultimately gives players a full-time stats page (allows you to track things like your K:D ratio, games played, etc.) best of all, being the first of several planned”Style and Tone” changes for the Professionals of the game.

Battlefield 2042’s Experts, characters similar to those you would choose in other shooters, such as, Apex Legendsto be first installment to the series and was rather poorly received, not least because of the changes they made to the structure of the game (replacing the traditional classes like Medic), but for their smug swagger and corny liars contrasts with the game’s extreme climate apocalypse setting.

Dice’s first move to fix this is simple close them, so the characters don’t scream catchphrases in the late game rounds, but the next step here would be to make them all look a bit more consistent with the settings. This means making them all look more tired, dirty, and haggard in general, and in the case of the Male Surgeons, they will grow beards. And if they already have beards, give them than beard and some extra wrinkles to boot. Here are the changes:

The two guys on the left, once clean shaven, now have beards.  The guy on the right, Peter, had a beard, but it's thicker now.

The two guys on the left, once clean shaven, now have beards. The guy on the right, Peter, had a beard, but it’s thicker now.
Picture: DICE

I love it, people actually look a bit more in line with the context. I will say though, as someone with power Mackay — for game reasons, not aesthetics—I was hoping for a little more improvement considering his original look (Guy Who Stans Elon Musk Under Tesla car review on YouTube) has now been transformed into Guy Who Thinks Wrestling Is Too Woke Now.

The update will also introduce some other smaller nerfs and changes to the gameplay, and you can read all about it. here.

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