The suitable solution to eat fruit all through the day

Fruit is nature’s dessert; Sweet enough to satisfy your sugar cravings and healthy enough to add beneficial nutrients to your body. They are a good source of minerals, vitamins, and fiber that allow your body to function by meeting your body’s nutritional needs. Whether it’s eating fruit on its own or adding it to your meals, it’s important for us to consume them in one form or another. However, in order to fully exploit the benefits that fruit has, it is important that you eat certain types of fruit at specific times of the day.

Compiled from News 18, find out what time of day fruits should be consumed and their benefits.

Empty stomach in the morning

This is the perfect time to consume fruits that are good for your digestive system. It is important that the fruit you choose to eat helps to cleanse your stomach and so it is best to eat fruits that are high in fiber. Fruits like watermelon, papaya, guava, mango, pomegranate and banana are full of fiber and another benefit is that they help relieve constipation.


Any form of fruit in the morning is extremely beneficial as it gives us energy. Fruit contains healthy carbohydrates that are broken down to give our bodies the energy they need and that’s the job best done with pineapples, cherries, kiwis, strawberries and apples. With their anti-inflammatory properties, pineapple and cherries help regulate blood pressure, thereby reducing your risk of heart disease while kiwi and strawberries help boost your immunity. Apples are also great if you are looking to lose belly fat because they contain detoxifying agents.


According to nutritionists, fruits that contain a lot of sugar are most suitable for lunch. At this point, our bodies start to get tired, that’s why they need an energy boost. This can be achieved by eating high-sugar fruits that help raise blood sugar. Therefore, mango or banana contains a lot of sugar that will provide you with the necessary energy for the day.

Before training

Pre-workout fruit should give you the instant energy you need to work hard in the gym. Energy-rich fruits including apples, oranges, and pears can help you get through your workouts effectively.


It’s important that you don’t eat fruit right before bed as that will only spike your blood sugar, make it harder to sleep, and can lead to weight gain. However, it is possible to consume fruit a few hours before bed to relax the body and provide the necessary nutrients. Pineapple, avocado and kiwi are just some of the most beneficial fruits to consume at night.

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