This Pink Folding Treadmill Is Making Spins On TikTok, And It Will Encourage You To Work Out

Image source: TikTok @thelaurennorris

Image source: TikTok @thelaurennorris

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Gone are the days when exercise machines must be cumbersome, eye-catching. In fact, they can be… beautiful? That’s definitely a good word to describe pink folding treadmill from FYC that made a pretty good impression on TikTok. All we know is that if it existed during Elle Woods’ Harvard days, she would definitely have one in her dorm.

The compact treadmill is foldable and requires no extra screws when you install it, so it’s easy to set up and use. It has a 1.5-horsepower engine and a 14.9×41.3-inch belt. One of the attractions of this particular treadmill is that in addition to being available in black and gray, it also comes in pink. The shock-absorbing, non-slip running belt and part of the handle are brightly colored and add a special touch to your training regimen.

The folding treadmill makes it ideal for just taking it out when you need it and storing it under your couch or bed when it’s not in use. It’s definitely pretty enough to incorporate into your home decor, and it’s just too special to throw clothes on! It comes with 12 specially programmed different runs, a maximum incline of 12% and an emergency key that securely clips onto your clothes.

Eye-catching treadmill to be available on Amazon, but maybe we can point to TikTok accounts, like @thelaurennorrisbecause sold out with pink color and only left black and gray options. However, you can still order pink option on Overstock, which also has a 2-year or 3-year additional protection plan. If you are determined to order through Amazon, the seller answered the question about it being out of stock. “Sorry, the pink one is too hot and will be added next month,” they wrote.

Out of more than 120 reviews on Amazon, the FYC treadmill has earned an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Buyers note that it offers a great sweat session, is sturdy and sturdy, easy enough to prop up against a wall or corner so it doesn’t take up floor space when not in use.

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