This tradition-painted Porsche 911 is a Rolling Black Gap for Mild

There are many shades of black, but KoPro’s Musou Black claims to be the darkest acrylic paint black on the market, with up to 99.6% of incoming light being absorbed. The Pit One Customs Service in Japan decided to spray it on a Porsche to see what it looked like, and the result was… very hard to see, to be honest.

The video above details the process from start to finish painting a Porsche 911 in Musou Black at the Pit One Customs garage. It starts out as a regular Porsche gloss black, and ends up as a stealthy fighter jet with almost nothing characteristic of a transport vehicle. This isn’t the first time a super absorbent black finish has been used on a car; BMW painted an X6 with Vantablack, a similar dark color, a few years back. What’s interesting, however, is that Vantablack isn’t really a paint; instead, it is a used coating made of carbon nanotubes that requires special application techniques, while Musou Black is a water-based paint that can be sprayed from a traditional aerosol gun. .

Traditional black paint is still relatively reflective, with 94%-98% of incident light being absorbed (meaning 2-6% is still reflected), but with less than 1% of light escaping the Musou Black. , the cars are painted with it essentially formless. The 911 in the video above, especially mid-process with the headlights and glass still glued on, looks like the silhouette of a car still locked in the video game selection menu. When driving around the streets of Japan during the day, it’s almost no different in broad daylight than in the dark. At night, it appears darker than the road surface on which it is driving.

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