Trump, refusing to select a candidate, endorses ‘ERIC’ in US Senate primaries on Tuesday | Politics

Eric Greitens Eric Schmitt Donald Trump

From left: Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, former President Donald Trump and former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens

St. Louis Post Dispatch and AP photo

ST. LOUIS – Former President Donald Trump, refusing to give a single endorsement during Tuesday’s US Senate primary, has stated he trusts Missouri voters to “determine” between the former President and the United States. Governor Eric Greitens and Attorney General Eric Schmitt.

In a statement posted after 5 p.m. Monday on Truth Social, a blog similar to Twitter, Trump wrote, “I trust the Greats of Missouri, on this, will be their resolve, like as I did when they gave me a winning battle in the 2016 and 2020 Elections, and therefore I am proud to announce that ERIC has obtained my Complete and Complete Certificate.”

The late nod to two of the frontrunners in the Senate race represents an anticlimactic end to sweepstakes in which Republican candidates seek to align with the former. president, who has dominated the Democratic Party in two elections here.

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Top Republicans already have race to tie yourself to the former presidentbet his support will be key to success in deeply conservative Missouri, where the former president has been widely celebrated.

Without early confirmation, candidates crisscrossed the state on Monday, hoping to garner support towards Election Day.

The former president was warm to Greitens, Politico reported in early March – weeks before Greitens’ ex-wife accused the former governor of spousal and child abuse in court documents.

After those relegations, US Representative Billy Long said Trump contacted him and talked about the allegations against Greitens, indicating concern from the former president about Greitens’ viability.

After the call, Trump released a statement signaling he wanted to support Long, but wondered if voters were “considering” going to Long, suggesting Trump wanted to endorse a candidate with strong public support.

Greitens was the subject of a multi-million dollar campaign funded by donors and GOP operatives to claim that he was unfit for office. After leading the polls from the start, Greitens started to fade, with Schmitt appear to lead in the week ending.

Trump, on his social media website on Sunday, expressed disagreement with Schmitt and Axiom Strategies, a political consulting firm that works for Schmitt. Axiom’s opinion polling group, Remington Research Group, has released polls showing Schmitt in the lead.

On Sunday, Trump shared a link to an article by Breitbart accused Remington of underestimating Trump’s support in Missouri to advance the attorney general in the polls.

“Wow, great dishonesty in politics,” Trump said in his social media post, which included a photo of Schmitt below his statement. “Too bad!”

At a campaign stop in the St. Louis, Schmitt was asked about the possibility of an endorsement.

“I would love to have it,” Schmitt said.

Trump made it clear in early July that there was one candidate he certainly wouldn’t endorse: US Representative Vicky Hartzler, one of the leading contenders in the primaries.

Trump said Hartzler called him to testify, but he declined, saying she didn’t have “what it took to confront the Radical Left Democrats, along with their partner in getting the job done. destroy our Country, Fake News Media and of course, Scam & Stupid RINO. “

On Monday, Hartzler, R-Harrisonville, held a news conference in a parking lot of St. Louis Lambert to criticize her two main opponents in the US Senate race.

With Greitens, she pointed out that he was accused of abusing his family.

“It’s not conservatism,” Hartzler said.

As for Schmitt, she said he tried to use millions of dollars in tax credits to get the Chinese to build an airport hub behind her back.

“It’s not conservatism,” Hartzler said.

And she criticized both of them for not sitting down to argue.

“I guess they were afraid to fight a farm girl from Missouri,” said Hartzler, 61, who described himself as a “real conservative” in the race.

Across the country, political scientists, analysts and journalists are watching the race to weigh Trump’s impact on the midterm elections.

Asked Monday about expectations that Trump could still endorse a Republican in the race, Hartzler denied his disapproval, acknowledging the former president’s unpredictability.

“President Trump will do what he wants to do,” she said. “He might even endorse me.”

She left the airport, driving to other last-minute campaign stops in Rolla and southwestern Missouri.

“We are getting a lot of support from all over the state,” she said.

On the Democratic side of the race, former Marine Lucas Kunce confirmed from US Senator Bernie SandersI-Vermont, and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, who served under President Bill Clinton.

Meanwhile, Democrat Trudy Busch Valentine announced her election night party will take place at the Sheet Metal Local 36 union hall in St. Louis.

On the GOP side, Greitens ended his campaign with a round-the-state flight that included a scheduled stop at Spirit of St. Louis in Chesterfield.

Updated at 5:24 p.m. with Trump endorsement. This story will be updated.

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