Twins OF Byron Highlights Buxton Begins First 8-5 Three-Battle in Recorded MLB Historical past

Sometimes, you go to the football field and see something you’ve never seen before. Like Minnesota Twins turned a three-player style of play never before recorded in MLB history.

Faced with the Chicago White Sox without a score and first and second in the seventh inning, Twins pitcher Griffin Jax gave up what looked like a finishing triple hitter. , or at least a basic shot, for AJ Pollock. Ryan Jeffers, who caught the twins apparently thought so, immediately rushed forward when he saw the contact person.

And then, Buxton played really well, while the White Sox baserunners played badly.

Adam Engel started the play in second place while Yoan Moncada was in first place. Buxton does a striking reel while neither baserunner is tagged, then gets the ball fast enough for Twins third player Gio Urshela to tag Moncada between second and third and tag the second to knock Engel.

It was the first 8-5 three-man match recorded in MLB history, by Sarah Langs of

To be fair to the White Sox, Statcast let Pollock clear the ball with a 389-foot shot with 0.820 xBA, essentially an 82% probability on target. Then again, that still leaves an 18% chance of making a very embarrassing mistake, a historic mistake at the time.

The face of White Sox director Tony La Russa really says it all.

The fact that Buxton started the first three-player game shouldn’t come as a surprise. The 28-year-old has long been one of the match’s best players when he was fit, both in terms of power and range. He was also responsible for the Twins’ only running up to that point, hitting a two-lane homer in the fifth inning.

Buxton’s 22 home players force him to finish fourth in the US Championship, with a .227 / .302 / .576 slash for the season. Between his strength and fighting prowess, he remains a contender for the first All-Star championship of his career this month.

Minnesota Twins' Byron Buxton play during a baseball game, Thursday, June 2, 2022, in Detroit.  (AP Photo / Carlos Osorio)

Byron Buxton and the Twins did something unprecedented against the White Sox. (AP Photo / Carlos Osorio)

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