USMC Exhibits Its LGBTQ Pleasure With ‘Rainbow-Headed Bullets of Tolerance’ (Paradise)

June is almost over, but you still have some time to show your support and pride in the LGBTQ community. Or not. Last week, the US Marines didn’t pass up the opportunity to show off their gay pride on Twitter.

In the tweet, our beloved US Marines expressed how much they appreciate our LGBTQ service members. But the tweet did not have a candle attached with an attached image of a camouflage helmet with the words “Proud to Serve” printed on the front and a rainbow bullet jacket.

On Thursday, Stu Burguiere’s “Stu Does America“had a bit of fun at USMC’s expense and asked the most poignant question: Why is there rainbow bullets? Stu has an informal theory, and it’s hilarious.

“Why is there a rainbow-shaped premium ammo?” Stu thought. He concluded that no one wants to feel their body torn apart unless it is by a bullet that signifies tolerance. He added that sometimes, the only way you can change a stubborn person’s mind is to use a “rainbow bullet straight through their brain.”

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