Warner Bros. film ‘Batgirl’ Axed.

Bat girl“, the DC Comics character adaptation, has been discontinued at Warner Bros., Diversity confirmed. It won’t premiere on any of the studio’s platforms – neither in theater nor on HBO Max.

Producing – starring Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl) and directed by “Bad Boys for Life” and “Ms. Marvel filmmakers” Adil El Arbi and Bella Fallah — gets the green light in 2021 as part of a company-wide effort at Warner Bros. to create feature films specifically for HBO Max. But the new corporate mode at Warner Bros. Discovery pivoted the company’s priorities back to theatrical features, leaving “Batgirl” without a proper home.

Additionally, “Scoob !: Holiday Haunt,” the sequel to the 2020 film “Scoob !,” has been delayed by the studio. Footage for the animated adaptation of the “Scooby-Doo” series was shown in a hot reel for HBO Max in December 2021. Sources say production cost Warner Bros. 40 million dollars.

Studio insiders asserted that the decision to cut “Batgirl” was not due to the quality of the film or the commitment of the filmmakers, but to the desire of the DC studio’s film to reach blockbuster scale. “Batgirl” was budgeted for a home release on HBO Max, and not for a global theatrical release. The initial $75 million production budget for the project, which completed major photography earlier this year and is in post-production, reached $90 million, in part due to delays related to COVID and other issues. protocol.

The decision is still a shock, as studios almost never halt production altogether, wanting to get at least some return on their investment. It also happened when Warner Bros. still debating what to do with “The Flash,” a DC adaptation that was created – and funded – specifically for a theatrical release in 2023. The film has been completely abandoned. hindered by repeated accusations of abuse and misbehavior by its star, Ezra Miller.

And it’s not like “Batgirl” is a mini movie. Along with Grace, JK Simmons plays Barbara’s father, Commissioner Jim Gordon, and Michael Keaton takes on the role of Batman (as he also did in “The Flash”). Brendan Fraser as villain, Firefly and Grace told Diversity in April, she had preliminary discussions with El Arbi and Fallah about what a sequel “could be.”

“There were crazy stunts, crazy dropouts,” Grace said of the film. “She’s a cyclist, so you’ll see her do a bunch of badass… It’s been a long day, but it’s worth it.”

The New York Post first reported on Warner Bros.’s decision not to release “Batgirl.”

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