‘We’re actually sorry’: The closely criticized XIII remake is being remade

The heavily criticized remake of 2003’s first-person shooter XIII will receive a major update later this year, along with the release of a new one.

second worst rated title of 2020according to review aggregator Metacritic.

XIII | Nintendo Switch game footage | Microid & 5 . tower

Microids and PlayMagic sorry for the game’s status in November 2020 and said it was committed to fixing the game’s problems.

This week, Microids said it has hired another studio to overhaul XIII so players can “enjoy the game like [originally] plan”.

It says French studio Tower Five (Lornsword: Winter Chronicle) has been working on a major free title update for over a year.

“The development studio has reworked the entire game from art direction to AI and added many technical improvements,” says Microids.

In addition to the update, Tower Five is already working on XIII’s online multiplayer, which will support 2-13 players, and the newly announced Switch version of the game (pictured), all of which will be released effective September 13, 2022.

“We are fully aware and truly sorry for the debut of XIII Remake on speak Microids CEO, Stephane Longeard.

“Over a year ago, we decided to hire studio Tower Five to complete the development of the game. Tower Five has worked with us in the past, especially on the great update of Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders on Nintendo Switch.

“We really wanted to take the time to fix the game and give XIII Remake owners a free update, paying the best possible value for the original game we all love.

'We're really sorry': The heavily criticized XIII remake is being remade

“The Nintendo Switch version of the game will of course benefit from all the work done to improve the game as well as the multiplayer, which will mark the end of the game’s development, ‘ Longeard continued.

“We can’t wait for players to get their hands on this improved version of the game and (re)discover the classic adventures of Agent XIII, as soon as it’s released after the Summer.”