Westworld Season 4 Episode 2 Abstract: Effectively Sufficient Alone

Charlotte Hale and William looked at each other with a sinister grin with a strange device in front of them.

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To be Westworld even Westworld if it doesn’t try to break your brain? That’s a valid question, and I think “no” would be a valid answer. But since the show leaves the park at the end of season two to explore astigmatism of the real world, the third season feels like everything was a mystery until the final pair of episodes, leaving the answers to leave you feeling unsatisfied or unanswered. Now then season four has arrivedit seems obvious the program knows it can’t be completely cryptic and has to derive some answers to be satisfied. That, while great, isn’t nearly as satisfying as the show place Go.

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In fact, it’s impressive how great “Well Enough Alone” is when it primarily focuses on just three characters and two storylines, being William (Ed Harris) Host (a minion of the human hater. , control damage caused by Dolores inside Charlotte Hale’s body) and then the further adventures of Maeve (Thhandiwe Newton) and Caleb (Aaron Paul). There’s a couple of short check-ins with Dolores lookalike Christina (Evan Rachel Wood) where she hears a disgruntled person on the street. talk about a tower, like last week Peter committed suicide during the premiere. Then Christina checks her work’archives and discoveries of She wrote a story about a man named Peter who lost everything, became obsessed with a woman and committed suicide. Finally, she visits the hospital where Peter left his money, and discovers that the hospital has long since been abandoned, and that the outbuilding Peter financed and dedicated to him had been built even earlier. position.

Surely it’s a mystery — along with anything Christina’s relationship with Dolores is hell—but the other two storylines are full of answers, starting with William visiting Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) Host, who is living quietly in a Spanish-speaking country Nah… until Host in Black tracks her down, demands to know where Maeve is, and then shoots Clementine in the head when she doesn’t answer.

Before long, Maeve and Caleb visit a senator and his wife only to discover they are both Secret Landlords working for William and Hale (Tessa Thompson), but who have been upgraded so Maeve couldn’t use his technological magic to take them down, at least not easily. The Landlord’s wife is killed, and Maeve searches the Host Senator’s memory banks to discover William killed the original senator; the wife is also about to be murdered, except for Hale who arrives and ominously says to bring her back to the barn, as “pets” for an experiment the Landlord leader wants to try.

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Maeve and Caleb go to the warehouse, where they only see the results of this experiment, and they bleak. The senator’s wife butchered all of her horses; when Maeve and Caleb got her out of it, she doesn’t remember doing it. But then she gave the duo a message: tThis time, they were invited to a meeting because their “old friend” Don Giovanni wanted to see them. When Caleb refused his wife’s request to free her from her suffering, she attacked Caleb with a knife until Maeve shot her in the head.

If I had to guess, Hale was trying to figure out how to program and control humans the same way humans programmed and controlled the Hosts. It wasn’t a full-blown success when the senator’s wife’s mind was broken by the test, but clearly Hale wasn’t worried about collateral damage, especially to humans.

After apparently being reprogrammed Clementine turned down an angry Deputy Assistant Counter Terrorist to meet William, none other than the Vice President of the United States personally visited the Delos chief on his golf course with a polite request to remove his activities. , such as purchasing the Hoover Dam and surrounding properties. (Veep implies that William is building a new park, but this time in America instead of the safe offshore, where its debauchery and mess can be more easily overlooked.) When William is not. surprised to tell him to blow it away (I’m paraphrasing), Veep threatens to reveal information that could destroy Man in Black… but then he turns around to find Clementine has killed the Secret Service bodyguards service, and William hit his head with a golf club. As for the Deputy Assistant, Hale then appeared in his car, holding him and letting a fly crawl into the man’s eyeball. When Veep and the Assistant showed up later, they — or apparently the host’s replacements — approved of everything William was doing and Hale’s plan would go on.

While the role of the flies remains puzzling – and utterly horrifying – and we don’t know exactly what Hale’s plans are, she tells us what she hopes to achieve: creating a world where her “children” are safe from humans. She doesn’t want to kill all humans or replace all humans with Subjects, as that would be pointless – but she will kill as many powerful people as possible and replace them with Subjects under her control. her control if needed. And she told all this to the real William (or maybe The real William, but certainly like William, who decided it was his duty to kill all the Hosts and had his throat slit in the season three finale). He’s alive and completely trapped in some sort of sci-fi suit held by one of the Host Crafting rings. And then Hale drugged him and brought him back Westworldequivalent to carbon freezing.

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It’s a good tool, but it can’t match the thrill of what happens when Maeve and Caleb attend a mystery party in Los Angeles. It’s a fancy, classy cocktail bar full of equally glamorous, glamorous people, but without the Host. The two of them were confused until the bar suddenly wobbled, and Maeve quickly understood exactly what was going on — they were on the train to the park. And not just any park, but a brand new one built by William based on the 1920s and the bandits that dominated it.

There’s so much to like about this! It was a surprise to find out that Maeve and Caleb had accidentally stepped on a train to a park, a surprise to realize this secret train was located in downtown Los Angeles, and to see the skyline The result of the 1920s was a thrill, even if we knew a visit to this particular park was on the way. But what I especially like is bringing back Lili Simmons (who played “New Clem” after the original Clementine was dropped from the park in season one).) in the role of The host welcomes the newcomers to the beans — like character played by Talulah Riley who initially welcome Young William and Logan return in season one. She leads Maeve and Caleb to a replica of the same check-in room we saw in the second episode of the series, except this time it has more 1920s-appropriate clothing and weapons. However, it still has the same choice: White hat, or black hat? Caleb’s pick: “I’m not really a hater.”

I do not think Westworld can be truly appreciated until the end of the season, as episodes are often worth more in total than the sum of their parts. That said, I really enjoyed the first two episodes of this fourth season, and since they make up 25 percent of the eight-episode season, that’s not insignificant. I’m grateful that we got enough answers to feel like the story was really progressing, while still having enough mystery to keep viewers invested in figuring out what was going on. The show strikes a great balance between the two, leaving viewers satisfied but equally delighted. I don’t know if the big mysteries of the season — mainly, of course, what the hell happened to Christina — will be worthwhile by the end, but I have hope. See you next week… at Mobland.

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Musicals of all kinds:

  • Mobworld? Mafia world? The gangster world? 20s world? Mobworld I guess.
  • The senator told Maeve and Caleb that there are now 249 Hosts like him in the world. Do you think he was referring to the Total Hosts or the Hosts led by Hale to bring her “New World”? I suppose second thing, it’s extremely bad news.
  • Ed Harris is the episode’s MVP, which is purely for mass entertainment from start to finish. When the (real) senator said to his ex “Congratulations wife, happy life!” saw, the way he said “My wife died“It’s perfection.
  • I’ll credit this to the writers, but the golf scene is also perfect. The Vice President was disparaging William when the second hit a hole in one. Veep gasped, completely impressed with the shot. As the conversation escalated, William touched the second hole, and Veep stared at it with disbelief. And as Veep began to issue outright threats, William hit the third hole — and the Vice President gradually realized that no one could make three holes in a row. Well done!
  • It’s great to see the hat choice return, but I don’t think many people wore white hats in the 1920s. Definitely not as much as black.
  • Just a reminder that I totally call William alive after his throat was cut in the season three finale and I’m not too gloating about it.

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