What is the distant working debate? They’ve been again within the Workplace for some time.

Gabe Tucker, 26, is an attorney with Fortif Law Partners in Birmingham, Ala., where the share of job listings that allow telecommuting is half that of New York. Every morning, Mr. Tucker wears an unbuttoned shirt, drives for 15 minutes, and arrives at the office at around 8 o’clock. required to wear a tie). In the evening, he and his colleagues sometimes toast to the completion of a deal. They have been back in the office since June 2020, with masks and other Covid precautions.

“It was business as usual, pretty much,” Mr. Tucker said. “We find it difficult to work remotely. We all love being together.”

According to data from building security firm Kastle, San Francisco’s office occupancy rate is at 39 percent of pre-pandemic levels and in New York at 41 percent. Austin, Texas, meanwhile, is at nearly 60%. Then there’s the Huntington Center, a 37-story office tower in downtown Columbus that was now about 85% resident before the pandemic at some point during the week, according to Hines, the company that manages the building.

Traci Martinez, office managing partner at Squire Patton Boggs, a law firm with offices on the 20th floor of Huntington Center, said someone from San Francisco could walk into her office and be amazed at rout.

Ms Martinez, 45, said: “They would come into our building and say, ‘Wow, this is normal.

She has a leading view of the disparities in ministry profits across the country. She coordinated with managers at many of the company’s offices and found that its Ohio locations filled up faster than many others, especially the Washington, DC location.

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