Woj says ‘no traction’ on offers for Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, hints Nets might look ahead to them to come back out

In his latest reading on the Nets situation, Adrian Wojnarowski, speaking on ESPN, said there was “no traction” over deals involving Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving, and raised the possibility that the two superstars are still was the Nets when the training camp opened. at the end of September.

He also poured cold water on the reports that Lakers actively trading for Irving. Reports on Yahoo! Sports and SNY among others have Irving and possibly Joe Harris heading to LA to find Russell Westbrook and the compensation draft.

“Similar to Durant, a very slow moving market right now,” Woj said of the Irving market. “I think unlike Kevin Durant, I think there are a limited number of teams that might make sense. I think there are teams that want to do deals for him. It was different from the signing and trading he was trying to achieve. Teams will have to sign him for many years. Basically, he’s on a contract that’s about to expire. I think the teams that need to improve their talent, they can take some risks with Kyrie Irving.

“I was asked that the Lakers still have to actively try to come to an agreement with each other in order to achieve it [Kyrie] from Brooklyn. That can come, that can develop over time. But so far, there’s been no real traction on deals with Irving or Durant. They will develop over time, but both processes can work. “

Woj then dropped a bomb, suggesting the Nets might just be trying to wait for their two superstars.

“And they don’t have to trade either,” Woj added. “Both have contracts. They can bring them back to start the season. I don’t think that’s the ideal scenario for Brooklyn. I think they’re trying to get as big of a fortune as they can but then again, there’s a lot of time left in this season and a lot of negotiations coming up. “

Intriguingly, Woj did not say whether the negotiations involved the Nets and other teams or the Nets and their players. While the assumption surrounding the tournament is that the situation is too toxic to have a chance of returning. However, no party – Durant, Irving, Joe Tsai or Sean Marks – has publicly stated or given a public interview that they will have to withdraw.

Of course, if things are really toxic, then a deadlocked training camp might just make things uglier. In addition, the longer the trade negotiations drag on to gain “traction,” the harder it is to reach an agreement that satisfies all parties. However, the negotiations may play out differently.

In fact, Woj is not alone in his discussion of the state of any trade talks. Brian Lewis noted on Sunday night, “So far, federation sources say nothing is imminent, or even at an advanced stage.”

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