“Work laborious and have enjoyable”: Noah Ohlsen joins the Mixed Efficiency Strategies staff

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“How’s it going, team! My name is Noah Ohlsen! “

That’s how the latest HYBRID Performance Method trainer introduces himself.

Of course, he really needs no introduction, Ohlsen has dedicated the last 12 years of his life to the sport of gymnastics and has qualified for the CrossFit Games nine years in a row.

“The Team HYBRID Performance Method and I will go back,” Ohlsen continued, “back to the time when Stefi Cohen and I were understudy together studying exercise science at the University of Miami in 2012-2013 .”

The HYBRID Performance Method provides training, nutrition and education to its athletes and currently offers 8 training programs ranging from strength and fitness to strength and fitness preparation. general (read: CrossFit-style training). Ohlsen joins an all-star coaching staff that includes Stefi Cohen (co-owner of HYBRID), Eddie Hall, Hyden Bowe (co-owner of HYBRID), Hunter Elam, Colleen Fotsch and Simon Chang.

“We are writing the program together,” Ohlsen shared, “I am using my experience competing in CrossFit over the past decade to give them insight into WOD and ways to progress. Of course, they are experts at writing linear processes for power. “

As for being a coach, Ohlsen said “I will interact super well with all the members.” Among other things, he’ll join the Discord group, answer questions, review members’ videos, and “I’ll continue to be there every day and make sure everyone is being heard.” In fact, he has already started.

“I will interact super high with all the members. I’m going to jump in there every day and make sure everyone is being heard. ”

Why should someone interested in improving their CrossFit performance sign up for the HYBRID Performance Method?

According to Ohlsen: “The show itself, perhaps the most important part, is really, really well designed. The coaching staff includes experts in strength, conditioning and weightlifting and they are designing all of that.”

“And then you’ve got some insights from yourself,” Ohlsen said, “an athlete did this for – I think the other day I did the math and it was 300 days multiplied by 12 years. – that’s right, thousands of days of training.”

“We will build a community through the HYBRID app with monthly challenges,” he continued, “and I will start practicing and we will see if people can make it through the age of me or not. If you can, you can win prizes and many things. We’ll just make it fun; it would be great. ”

“I am delighted to be partnering with the people behind HYBRID.” Ohlsen concludes, “They have some of the best athletes and coaches in weightlifting, weightlifting, and aerobic conditioning.”

Ready for a new coach? Learn more about what to expect from Coach Noah and HYBRID WOD.

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