WWE Star Gave Pat McAfee Gold Necklace to Put on Throughout Summer season

This past weekend in Nashville, WWE hosted its 35th annual SummerSlam live event, which featured many highlights and memorable moments from throughout the show. One of the more exciting parts of the night was Happy Corbin facing off against “SmackDown” commentator and former NFL pitcher Pat McAfee.

The game saw the former Indianapolis Colt pin Corbin with a net bomb as dusk assisted the corner after hitting Corbin with a ‘deep jab’ in the groin with referee Charles Robinson, rendering the umpire helpless . McAfee has now wrestled in four WWE shows, competing his first two on NXT and his previous fights at WrestleMania 38, where he beat Theory but lost to Vince McMahon the same night. .

In McAfee’s last two games, he wore a classic black tank top but with a gold chain underneath. Anyone who is a fan of McAfee and watch “The Pat McAfee Program“Know that the gold chain and black tank top are the former punter’s everyday classic. But according to McAfee, on SummerSlam night, he forgot his necklace.

“Jimmy Uso gave me a necklace to wear because I didn’t have a necklace,” McAfee said on the show’s latest episode. “I think his necklace hit me [during the match]but i appreciate it.

“It was a magical night, a magical evening. Now we focus on what’s next, where we’re going next, as well as humidity training and remember there’s a ‘Summer’ in SummerSlam. “

Usos had a great night at SummerSlamwin against The Street Profits to retain their tag team title as their blood cousin Roman Reigns beat Brock Lesnar in main event of the program. As for what’s next for the McAfee and Corbin feud, here’s what the former NFL player had to say about their rivalry.

“He’s still a scumbag,” McAfee said. “We haven’t talked since the game, so I don’t know what our next encounter will be. I am a boy bygones be bygones. We fought; we can continue. I don’t know what he’s like, especially with what he’s become with WWE. “

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