Youngster in essential situation after being hit by a float in Kaysville

KAYSVILLE, Utah – The July 4 Kaysville Parade was canceled Monday after an 8-year-old participant was hit by a car during the holiday event.

Police say the girl was taken to hospital, where she is in critical condition following an incident involving a yellow Hummer towing a trailer with balloons and ribbons attached.

After the collision occurred near 175 South Main Street, the road was closed to traffic; however, the police have reopened the area to traffic.

After the crash, Kaysville Fire officials asked those in the area of ​​the parade to “leave calmly” and make sure there was no threat to public safety.

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“This is a truly tragic event,” said Lexi Benson of the Kaysville Police Department. “You know, this was a day to celebrate and congratulate families, and a day that was supposed to be fun, but it turned into something really heartbreaking and our hearts not only the victim’s family who all witnessed what happened.”

The parade begins at 10 a.m. at Davis High School before heading north on Main Street.

“Kaysville is known for its festivities on the 4th of July; we plan and enjoy it and we come together as a family, and let something like this happen during our time. I celebrate and be together, it’s just tragic every now and then, but especially now,” Kaysville Mayor Tamara Tran said.

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